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             ˹ʶҹ ѹ 22 չҤ .. 2556 ҧ 09.00 – 10.00 . 仾ѹӹѡҹȺͧйͧ (ͧͧҧ Ⱥͧйͧ) ˹ҷǺҹ й仴ʶҹŧѡҹ ҡ蹫ͧö仴ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹµͧ ͺӹҨ١᷹ͧ仴ʶҹ µ᷹еͧʴ˹ѧͺӹҨѺ˹ҷ 㹡óռ仴ʶҹ軯ԺѵԧҹȺŨжѺҺ´ͧûԺѵԧҹ
                        ˹蹫ͧͺҤѹ 13 չҤ – 22 չҤ .. 2556 ҧ 08.30 – 16.30 . ҹʴзѾԹ ͧѧ ӹѡҹȺͧйͧ ШлСȼżռŻªѹѹ 25 չҤ .. 2556        
                      ˹ԴͧͺҤ ѹ 25 չҤ .. 2556 10.00 .繵 ͧЪ 2 ҤȺͧйͧ(ѧ) ʹ㨵Դͫ͢͡ͺҤҤ ش 500 .-ҷ ҹʴзѾԹ ͧѧ ӹѡҹȺͧйͧ ҧѹ 13 չҤ – 22  չҤ .. 2556 ͺҧѾŢ (077) 823838, 833212 ѹҪ  www.gprocurement.go.th  www.ranongcity.go.th   
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